What Happens in Moneygall-Stays in Moneygall

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what happens in moneygallObama has just slugged a pint of Arthur G in a pub in Moneygall the home of his forefathers, Michelle got in on the act and took a sip herself.

Today they are the pride of the west, loved by the same adoring public that had little time for his Bushness.

So here we are in mother Eire without a pot to piss in partying till we drop with the Queen in Green and the most famous black Irishman since Paul McGrath or was it Phil Lynott.

Good on ye!- Mr. Obama and may all roads rise to meet ye on your way back to the white house in 2012.

Oh! and don’t forget us up here in Boston who stood by you when Trump was raising questions about your parentage, the dirty looking so and so.

If you are doing nothing next week I’ll meet you for a couple of pints of Guinness in O’Malley’s in Scituate habour, go on ye good thing, you can bring Michelle if she’s up to it. There is a “u” in harbour in the motherland.

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Sorry ..too busy golfinng

January 2nd, 2012 at 2:32 am

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