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what is a manWhat is America, in answer to this question some would say that America is it’s people or even that America is the land mass that it is comprised of.

I prefer to think that America is an ideal and that that ideal is framed and formed by the constitution.

A different constitution would yield a completely different America, because of this, from the perspective of America the constitution is a hallowed document to be revered and cherished.

But on another level of consciousness the constitution that forms America as we know it is nothing but a framework or set of rules for society to play out its day to day existence within.

We each live out our lives in a multifaceted consciousness on different levels. Imagine a person playing monopoly in an American town.

This person on one level is governed by and subject to the rules of monopoly, on a higher level he/she is governed by and subject to the constitution and laws of the town where the monopoly is being played.

Then there is the reality that it is today “again” or now and that reality supersedes both the constitution and the rules of monopoly.

I’m sure that there are other deeper levels of existence but for the present argument we will rest with these three levels.

It is presumed that these levels are compartments of existence each affecting each other but this assumption only holds in as much as we allow each to affect the other.

If you win $100 million playing monopoly you cannot cash this check in the Constitutional world. If you win $100 million in real life society it will have no effect on your career in monopoly world. This is because there is no connection between these levels of existence other that the connection allowed by the person in their thinking patterns.

Today or now in this argument refers to the consciousness that appears to infect our mortal bodies, the presence, the I am ness.

No man or woman can influence the reality that is now with their winnings from either monopoly or society, it is untouchable by these levels of existence except by the thinking patterns of the person.

Regardless of what happens in your monopoly world or within your constitutional world, your now world is untouched.


Years ago when I fought my inner war sometimes referred to as depression I recall my battle cry was “Whats the point”, looking back through the haze that covers those long ago days I find it hard to recall the person I thought I was or his motives and beliefs.

Whats the point, the point is that you have children to feed and a family to support. This statement will not help a person in the midst of a severe depression however it is the only and best answer.

The Bhagavad Gita is probably the most important book of  Hindu philosophy, it tells of an epic battle between two royal forces. It is played out as a series of conversations between Arjuna and Krishna the supreme ruler of the universe.

When asked by Arjuna who he is Krishna replies: “I am time the destroyer of all, I have come to consume the world”.

The battle that is played out in the Gita is an inner battle, the battle royal between the forces that vie for control of a person.

From my experience a mid life crisis or severe bout of depression is an episode in this royal battle often called the dark night of the soul.

What is actually occurring is that a persons identity built by years of conditioning by their environment is being challenged by their true nature. The battle is for undisputed ruler of the territory that is the consciousness.

While the stricken person might whine and ask whats the point, the proponents in the battle royal are untouched and/ or unaffected. This war must be waged and there can be only one victor, one’s true self.

The problems for the person trying to live in a constitutional world, playing monopoly while this battle rages within their consciousness are massive. So massive that their will to live or want to live might be up for discussion.

These problems present because we as people believe that we are a complete package and that all sections are interlinked. We think of our inner world as part of our outer world and there is no connection other than out thinking patterns.

Within the body all parts are connected and interdependent. This is not the case with consciousness. There is no interconnection.

If and when a person realizes this, life from a psyche perspective becomes a much easier road to travel.

True peace and happiness come from being what you are, not what you believe you are or want to be.

The world cannot forgive you, you can only forgive yourself, however I have come to believe that acceptance overrides all. If you can find it within yourself to accept yourself the battle is over.

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