What Is Capitalism

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What Exactly is Capitalism

Capitalism is a social operating system that operates on the basis that money is more important than people.

And isn’t it amazing, I mean really amazing that this system that proclaims that money is more important than people is operated by people, kind of like the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

The way it is with capitalists, is that capitalism is a great thing, until it’s your turn to go into the gas chamber.

With the concentration camp analogy, the people being processed (exterminated) must be considered less important than the people doing the processing (exterminating). It seems really outrageous to use a word reserved for cockroaches for people, however I merely report it as it is.

Capitalism operates on a similar tenet, some people are more important than others and this in the land of liberty with a constitution written and designed to forever prevent the ills of Great Britain from infection the new colony! Go Figure.

Because capitalism is about winning the money race, it is not possible to compete, never mind win, if you care in the slightest about other people. With capitalism it is every man for himself, which in effect means that you are in competition with everyone else, which in reality means that within the realms of capitalism every man woman and child is your competition or enemy.

There is no place for the base quality of humanity within capitalism. Prozac nation is playing a game that the organism was not designed to play, after all at our core we are a tribal people. A tribe like a chain depends on every link, even the weakest for it’s survival. Capitalism sees the weak as a resource to be processes into a profit.

Anyway being both a recovered capitalist and Christian it is hard to see how these theories align, however it seems clear that capitalists have no problem being Christians and Christians have no difficulty contorting the teachings of Christ to fit into the capitalist agenda/manifesto.

As I mentioned I am no longer a member of the capitalist or Christian sects, I now count myself among the ranks of a long forgotten and maligned group, I have reverted to my roots, I am now merely a human, and believe me there are not too many of us left.

Being a human I must confess that my stomach was turned by what the Bush administration did to the country I call home. Bush policy sickened me, but seeing the man and his belief system, his presidency did not shock me, he did what you might have expected a rampant capitalist with a fundamentalist religious twist to do.

Obama on the other hand has really disappointed me. Admittedly he came to office at the juncture of a great economic storm, but all he did was jump with enthusiasm into Bush term 3, with a smoke screen of an unworkable health care system thrown in to muddy the waters and confound/confuse the hopeful legions who swept him to a historic victory.

It absolutely amazes me that the Republicans and tea Party crowd have negative issues with the Obama administration.

Does anybody remember the slogan “change we can believe in”, more pertinently does Obama remember!


I have come to believe that this one word “Auschwitz” is tattooed forever on every human soul, “we” as a species will carry this mark for eternity lest “we” forget that “we” humans did this to humans. It is a mark that marks us all, regardless of involvement, because anything that one human is capable of, all humans are capable of.

The sum total of the meaning of base humanity/depravity is enclosed in this word, it frightens me so much more than Satan or even God ever could, because I know that neither God nor Satan could find it within themself to stoop to the levels of inhumanity that “we” humans can.

To me the sound, the word, the meaning of Auschwitz is a dichotomy, for it is both the holiest word and the base definition of evil. It is our modern day Calvary for in this place we crucified the soul of humanity. It conjurers up in me the a disbelief that my kind could be driven by outward gain to do or let an Auschwitz occur.

What good does it do a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul. In the end when our bodies yield to time even Bush and Cheney will find that all they have left is a soul.

I for one choose never to forget!

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