What is it to be Human

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What is it to be human? What is this quality that raises us above our animal nature to be bold enough to consider ourselves other than mere mortal beings?

To think, to plan, to construct, to use tools, merely sets us apart on an intelligence level. Most animals could just as easily evolve to a level where they could also use tools and plan, in fact at the moment some already do. Think killer whales and ants.

The quality that is humanness is not linked to intelligence or even spirituality which is merely a form of superstition. The quality that defines humanness is the ability to be aware of the existence of feelings in other living creatures. Compassion is an expression of the human quality as is pity and that higher form of love. Love at the consciousness level of the average human is actually a threat. I will love you if you please me. Wasn’t it Jesus who said love your enemy. Our remedy for enemies is nuclear bombs.

Just because you stand upright on two legs and appear to be a member of the animal species that is alluded to as human doesn’t in any shape or form necessitate that you possess a shred of humanity in your being. The sad reality of life in 2009 is that most humans are merely animals, very intelligent animals, but animals no less. In fact some other species might object to being grouped with humans.

And perhaps that is how it is supposed to be. After all who am I to argue with the perfectness of creation? But don’t you have to believe that the world that we all must share would be a far better place if everyone who had the audacity to refer to themselves as human beings actually acted like they where in fact something other than a very intelligent animal intent only on achieving their selfish goals regardless of the effects of their behavior on others.

The perquisite quality of an animal, the quality has that ensured its survival over the ages is a singular focus on the needs of its personal existence. Doesn’t that include you.

The supposed demarcation line that separates human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom is merely delusion.

The old adage is that if it looks like #$%^ and smells like #$%^ then for all intents and purposes it is #$%^. In the human equation this translates into if you act like an animal and have the soul of an animal then for all intents and purposes you are in fact an animal.

So if the cap fits wear it.

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