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I sometimes feel that I have been so lucky, although I never had an awful lot whenever I need something it somehow seemed to show up with a grin and a feeling that regardless of whatever happened there was someone or something out there looking out for me.

someone has to pay the billsI don’t know but it created a feeling in me that there was someone or something bigger out there looking over us.

Then I would think of Auschwitz and mothers and children been marched into gas chambers and who was looking out for them, or Rwanda and ordinary people being butchered on the street or in their living room with machete’s. It doesn’t add up.

Me, I’m the lucky one and to be honest I’m not that much of a person, I find it hard to love, I’m distant, I am the original bridge burner and yet that presence that controls all always seems to show up just when all the cards have been turned and I,m holding a losing hand.

I am at once amazed and appalled by Hitler and the horrors that he wrought on so many innocent ordinary people, but he was one man, charismatic, an orator of some talent yet still one man.

It takes an extremely well organized machine to murder 6 million Jews, I hate the connotations that seem to accompany the term Jew, it seems to conjures up images of someone who is in some way different from me.

I am a person, I too was born, as were the six million souls who perished on the blade of hatred. The only difference between me and a Jew is belief and conditioning.

The only difference between the people who manned the holocaust and those who stand waiting for orders from some regime today is the order, the command, the people who they wait to exterminate.

The holocaust is not some long forgotten event shrouded in the mists of time and history, it happened recently, it might have been yesterday, we are not a different class of human being now, we are the same race with the same capabilities lying in wait for the call to action. Who will be the next people chosen, marked for death and marched to the oven.

At a recent deposition in downtown Boston an attorney with a very Irish name sat across a table from me and with loaded words tried to lead me into incriminating statements.

During a pause in the proceeding when the court ordered stenographer had stopped typing she leaned over the table and said: “You know I don’t like to do this but someone has to pay the bills”.

And I wondered is this how the Kapo’s in the concentration justified herding women and children into the gas chamber.

Hitler alone without the masses who did not like their job but did it anyway could not have killed more than a few thousand Jews, not to mention the other millions of human people he had exterminated by his army of willing accomplices.

So the question that must be posed is, who is more to blame for 6 million murdered Jewish People, Hitler or those who didn’t like their job but willing carried it out!

And as we live and breathe the air here in the United States of America in February 2011 perhaps we should ponder the vast army of people who we call neighbors, friends and fellow Americans who wait for an order to carry out a task that don’t like but will willing do.

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Brother as you said in the beginning of the article we may not have had very much but by God did we always land on our feet. Keep up the writing.

February 25th, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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