Who Needs Want

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Who Wants Need

I suppose in the grand scheme of things all the average person needs to survive is oxygen, a little water, a little food and some shelter from the elements.

So bearing this in mind if you happen to find yourself in the sales person mode and accept the conventional wisdom that the way to sell ice to the Eskimo is to create need then you will work hard get volumes of yeses but no sales which in this hard knock world transpires to pink slips, failed relationships and a very crummy dire existence.

The trick is to create want. I mean who needs alcohol, a Mercedes Benz or a 42 room mansion overlooking the ocean, well mostly nobody but apparently almost everyone wants these non necessities badly, badly enough to do the most extraordinary things to acquire them.

So if you want to be a top tier sales person remember forget need and focus on creating want for your product or service in the imagination of your prospect.

Where want exists there is no need to sell, so if you believe that your position and role is selling then you have conditioned yourself for hardship and failure because nobody wants to buy from you because you have nothing that they want and in reality you are at most if you look desirable a way to pass some time and possibly you are the subject of want if you are really super desirable but mostly you are an annoying nuisance protected from insult by politeness.

Where want exists in the mindset of the prospect for your product or service they will seek you out and all that remains to complete the transaction is agreement on terms.

This is why McDonald’s sales staff are so successful. They don’t need to sell, the customer comes to the register already sold, willing and ready to stand in line and wait for the privilege of giving their money because they know what they want and they know where to get it.

If you feel the need to sell it is because you need and this has to do with you not your customer and consequently because your customer knows that it is about your needs and not their wants they will resist and reject your advances. It must be about the customer and the customer already has everything that they need.

The reality of modern day living is that all most people really need is something to want. Give them want and they will give you what you want, a sale and the cash that flows from the transaction.

Sales can be defined by the following two sentences:

  1. Show them what they want and you will get what you want.
  2. Show them what they need and you will get need. As in still needing to meet your quota.


Want which is positive creates a positive. Need which is negative creates a negative.

To fully understand this it must be accepted that life for most people is an emotional journey.

Within the realm of emotion need is seen as a negative, deprived, unprivileged condition whereas want is seen a forward reaching, goal driven, achievement aspiring condition.

Need is poverty consciousness. It equates to lack. No can do. Death

Want is wealth consciousness. It equates to getting. Can do. Life.

When you try to sell need you are selling poverty consciousness and almost everyone will be repelled emotionally by the dull gloomy prospect of real life that you are trying to make them face.

When you sell want you are selling wealth consciousness and all the excitement, flashing lights and possibilities that go with it create a feeding frenzy and people will flock to the promise that you are peddling, because after all, all it is, is a promise of a better life that you are selling, because in the end all we ever need is oxygen, a little water, a little food and some shelter but if you want to succeed never ever tell them that.

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