Why Buy Stock

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Why Buy Stock

There are really only two reasons to buy equities (a) for growth i.e you hope that they will appreciate in value and you can make a nice profit on your investment and (b) to get regular income in the form of dividend, other that these reasons buying stock is the stupidest thing you could ever do with your money unless you like collecting stock certificates but then again you could just go on ebay and buy some from Lehman and GM investors who own lots of worthless paper thanks to the invention of bankruptcy.

Any fool can go into dunking donuts with a $5 bill and guy a coffee and a donut, it takes a special individual to get the same coffee and donut with a stock certificate.

The reality is cash is king and cash will always be king.

So unless you are investing someone else’s money or really know what you are doing the stock market at this point and time are shark invested waters and man are the sharks hungry.

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