Without Commitment Nothing is Possible

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The statement without commitment nothing is possible includes the reverse statement that everything that is present in your existence right now is the result of a commitment your have made. In reality you have committed to be as you are now.

If you are as you are now and there is something missing from your life like love or money or a relationship you might say hey I never committed to be poor or lonely.

The truth is that though you didn’t commit to be poor or lonely you did commit to live in a way that had a side effect or symptom like poverty or loneliness.

The reality of existence on the human level is that you cannot commit to be rich or fall in love. Love and money are symptoms of conditions or states.

You could commit to becoming president and in achieving this goal wealth would be a side effect or symptom.

Most people who have no money will make statements like I have to make some money, they will think for hours and days of making money. This is a futile waste of grey matter because ythey are focusing on a symptom and not on the condition that causes the symptom.

For example there is a condition existing in my left knee which causes it to become swollen and inflamed and very painful. These symptoms are easily remedied by taking some anti inflammatory medication. However as soon as I stop taking the anti inflammatory the swelling and pain comes back. I have remedied a symptom but not the cause which is the condition.

Money and the contentment which come from a good relationship are symptoms of conditions. It is not possible to commit to a symptom. It is possible to commit to a condition.

Remember commitment is tantamount to jumping off a cliff. Once you jump there is no way back. Once you commit there is no way back. If there is a way back you have not committed.

So if you would like to change some of the symptoms currently occurring in your life look to the condition that is causing them and commit to replacing this condition with a condition that will have the symptoms you desire.

You are as you are because you have chosen at a deep committed level within your being to be as you are. You are not poor or wealthy or lonely or successful you are merely experiencing the symptoms of your chosen conditions.

Your life is a symptom of your commitments.

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